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Comprehensive Guide to Online Education

Introduction to Online Education

Throughout the 1990s, online education evolved from basic corporate computer-based training programs to be embraced by colleges and universities across the country. As technology continues to advance, so does the nature of online education. The Basics Online education is a form of distance learning that emphasizes the use of a personal computer. Students take courses...

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Pros of Online Education

A report conducted at the No Child Left Behind Leadership Summit calls online learning “a 21 st Century education.” There are a variety of benefits both students and educators receive from participating in online courses and programs. Reduced Tuition One obvious benefit of online learning is that tuition rates can be significantly less expensive than...

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Cons of Online Education

If you’re considering enrollment in an online institution, first consider the following shortcomings of an online education. Reduced Program Funding Online programs are extremely expensive to create, therefore funding often poses a problem. Because online courses physically separate students from the classroom, online programs do not meet the traditional criteria for outside funding. For instance,...

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What is Online Continuing Education?

Online continuing education courses are tailored for people who already possess a degree, but who are looking to learn new skills in order to advance in their field. Online continuing education is different from online adult education in that adult education encompasses more basic classes, and the students often do not have a degree of...

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History of Online Education

The Early Days Online education got its start in the corporate world. In the 1980s, companies started using computer-based programs to train new employees, but this practice was severely limited due to the technology of the time. It wasn’t until the invention of the Internet that this practice began to grow in efficiency. Using the...

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